VAK4Kids Project

About us

Specific objectives

”Ioan Popescu” Pedagogical High School (Romanian: Liceul Pedagogic ”Ioan Popescu”) is a high school located in Bârlad, Vaslui County, Romania. Today, alongside with Pedagogical Profilies, the school has a wider vocational programs 

Intelectual output

O1-manual for educators (teachers for pre-school) VAK-based methodology in preschool
O2-toolbox (toolbox) for teaching kindergarten Natural Sciences

Event of Multiplication

During the period 03.31. 2017 – 04.02. 2017, The ”Ioan Popescu” Pedagogical High School Barlad will organize the Event of Multiplication, within the "Inclusive Preschool for Kid - Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic Learners" (VAK4Kids) Project, Erasmus + KA2.

It will take place for the purpose of sharing and valuing intellectual products, information and experiences from project (especially tooling based on the concept VAK) to the specialists in teaching preschool and will take place at Complex Cabana Ciucaş, Prahova County.

1. Develop a methodology for testing in preschool learning styles that respects individuality and preschool learning that is useful in the educational process undertaken by teachers for preschool. 

2. Develop a wide range of tools for educators that can be easily implemented in the educational process and facilitate the teaching of Natural Sciences - one of the most complex and diverse disciplines preschool. 

3. Supporting parents through valuable recommendations contained in a guide.

Fundamental goal

Promoting individual differences in learning preschool children by providing a complex methodology based on VAK model, enhancing opportunities for socialization and adaptation of preschoolers.

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